I-Combat Vision

While we all have the right to protect our lives and our property, we don't all have the ability. Some people apply skills learned through years of military training and combat. Others apply their wealth to hire those with skills to protect them. Unfortunately, less than one percent of the population fall into either of those categories. Borrowing from a popular idiom that you will likely recognize, "Give a man protection and he's safe for a day. Teach a man to protect himself, and you break his chains of fear and trepidation forever." My vision for every I-Combat client is to cultivate and firmly fix within him or her, a sense of self confidence in the face of imminent combat, through training that is tailored to each client's unique circumstances. The skills required for this level of confidence are irregular, yet definable; difficult, yet obtainable; valuable, yet affordable. Imminent Combat, LLC uses the same systems approach to training employed by US Marines and Special Operators. The best tactics, techniques, and practices will be applied to our client's lifestyles, routines, and requirements to deliver a truly tailored personal defense product, rejecting the "one size fits all" mentality of many popular alternatives.

Bruce Cole
Sergeant Major
US Marine Corps (Ret)
Imminent Combat, LLC
CEO and Owner


I am a steadfast supporter of US LawShield.  You don't have to shoot a criminal to find yourself in legal jeopardy.  We live in a society full of litigious opportunists who roam the countryside in search of the "mark" that will make their big pay day. There are also no shortages of political wing-nuts whose morality is decayed to the level of making false statements about you to the police.  If you carry a weapon for your protection, you also need LawShield for protection.  Once you're covered, you'll get a card with two phone numbers... If you're ever arrested for a gun related charge, call the red number and you'll be immediately connected to an attorney that will represent you.  If you simply have a question about gun laws, call the black number and an attorney will answer your questions.

LawShield members receive a 20% discount on ALL training from Imminent Combat, LLC.  Contact me for details.


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